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From WorkShare Webpage /Webinars

Last Tuesday, 28th November, Workshare and Lexsoft joined for an informative webinar . This event was hosted by Nick Thomson, Workshare Chief Revenue Officer, and Carlos García-Egocheaga, Lexsoft Systems Managing Director.


In this webinar, we discussed:

  • What outside counsel pressure and regulation means for your matter security strategy.
  • Understanding how to reduce/eliminate sensitive data loss over email.
  • How to look for violations of firm policy and outside counsel guidelines.
  • How to look for risky behaviour demonstrated by a firm’s employees.
  • Why generic data loss prevention (DLP) systems fail to satisfy the specific needs of our industry.
  • We showcased new Risk Analytics tech, and looked at how firms around the world are using it to overcome data loss issues.

  • For more information click in the link bellow.